Tribute to a Friend

I wrote this poem 5 years ago, at the tender age of 17. Looking back at it now, I feel no need to edit or redraft because although time has passed; my writing has developed and emotions have thawed somewhat, the truth between the lines that are written here remain the same. The beauty of a first draft is its sense of truth, just like a photograph, writing from the heart captures a moment in time, a memory that remains untainted. My last memory of this friend was on this night 6 years ago, and it is a memory that is treasured- one that cannot be taken away from me. Though all things are altered, our personal truths cannot be taken away. Rest in Peace.

Newcastle, County Down.


A Tribute to a Friend

As the sun peaks his head

Into the clear blue sky,

And the winter blues fade to light

Up the days and shield us from the

Grey, monotonous times that have passed,

I stop to think about the passing.

The progression from dark to light,

The life breathed upon the town by

The summer breeze and the life taken

From the Great and Small.

I think about what has yet to come.

The empty summer that will see our

Days become longer than we have ever felt them.

The empty bottles will still be scattered in the park.

The empty boats will still float on the river at night.

The empty hearts will still sing and dance and

Joke and remember the King that has fallen

Like he fell to the ground with laughter and

Could push, joke and poke fun

Without ever making a soul feel small.

The army will hold their authority over the

Kingdom when the invaders progress.

They will raise their fists, they will fall to the

Ground, they will hear the call to retreat.

The fires will be lit at night time, in

The woods and in the fields.

We will sit and chat and be merry

And the smoke will drift to the sky

Before passing along again as a tribute

To our hero, humble and small.

And on our road to Damascus,

What was dark will soon become light.

The deaf will hear and the blind will see

A vision that can’t be ignored.

The star in the sky that was not there before

Will wink and we’ll bow our heads;

We’ll remember the one that’s above us

Forever, our foundation, our hope and our way.

And as we stare at the sky on the clear summer nights

We’ll feel great, feel small.

The flowers that bloom all around us,

Will be nothing to the flowers that we leave.

The fires that we burn in remembrance,

Will be nothing to the fires in our hearts.

The pictures we cling to so dearly,

Will be nothing to those in our heads.

The tears that we cry, the pain in our chests,

Will pass with the passing of time.

And the love that we feel; forever great,

Will make the deepest hurt seem small.



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